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Welcome to the Demigods of Olympia Website.  It is under construction at the moment, but take a look around!
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WE moved Please go to

TeeddleDee, Jun 11, 11 9:49 PM.
We have moved to this is a dead web site at this time please go to the other
thank you

Tee love ya all


TeeddleDee, Apr 16, 11 9:07 PM.
Well its 4/18/11
 we did good this grb Woooot but we need to get are grb 30 level toons done so if we can lest get too it mine is all most done just need a few more lapis in them. so once a gain great job.


Some Minor Library Update!

Serenity., Feb 14, 11 1:51 PM.
Hello, someone asked for some info in game, that should have been in the library, but mysteriously was not.  So now you can find drop location for Dual Lapis in the lapis location guide.   Keep coming up with good questions like these so we can continue to build our guides.  Thanks everyone!  ~ Serenity/Slaughter

New Plvling Shedual

Splindora, Feb 11, 11 9:01 PM.
Ok we now have set days that we will help ppl lvl.

Monday is for lvl 15-30
Thursday is for lvl 31-42
after that you should be able to find parties in pando or mait or cl you can lvl your toons to lvl 15 within an hour or two by yourself. The only one that might need help would be a priest after lvl 8
If a high lvl wants to hold a party or ask if anyone needs help on a diffrent day that is up to them. If you need help try to pm someone or ask if a party is avalible in guild chat. After you have asked once please don't ask again. Also don' t ask for money or items you can ask in  a general guild chat but do not bugg ppl it will get you removed from the guild. Thanks hopefully this will help

New Rules Posted!!!

sparhawk32, Jan 31, 11 12:54 PM.
All new and old guildies the guild rules have been updated please read and know and live by them I will quiz you all at random times to make sure you know them. "tee hee"  Also I'm open for suggestions or comments or changes to the list. Love ya all  Hail
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